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Health & Wellness Coaching Training for Health Professionals

The Diploma in Health & Wellness Coaching is a triple certification in Health Coaching, accredited by the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization, Complementary Medical Association and the Association For Coaching, for health professionals only, who want to advance their practice to an upper level.

Health & Wellness Coaching defined.

Health & Wellness Coaching is a person-centered, evidence-based practice aiming at patient’s lifestyle change, motivation, self-management enhancement and goal-achievement. A health coach is a certified health professional who knows how to establish a trust-based relationship, applies coaching techniques within his/her clinical practice or develops a parallel service for his/her clients.

Entry requirements

We accept submissions from health professionals (MD’s, Dietitians / Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Social, Psychologists), scientists – professionals in health and wellness (biologists, social scientists, gymnasts/trainers) with relative experience and health management executives.


Health Coaching Fundamentals

  • Health and Wellness Coaching: a context.
  • Health Coaching & Psychotherapy: the boundaries.
  • Lifestyle Medicine – ELMO: code of ethics.
  • Complementary Medical Association UK: code of ethics.
  • Association for Coaching: Competence framework & code of ethics.
  • The double role of a health professional / health coach. 

Communication Skills & Techniques

  • Active Listening.
  • Questioning.
  • The Coaching Session – MI based coaching.
  • Contracting & Agreement.
  • Coachability Assessment – reference to mental health professional.

Coaching Practice

  • 25 hours of coaching practice in addition to classroom-based practice.
  • Group and individual supervision.
  • Adaptation to the profile of your clients.
  • A case study.



Coaching Tools & Techniques

  • Trans-theoretical Model of Change (TTM) – Readiness to change.
  • Wheel of Wellness.
  • GROW model.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Change Assessment Scale – URICA.
  • Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scales (Stanford Patient Education Research Center).
  • Self-Transformation questionnaire (ACE).
  • Readiness for Change & Decisional Balance questionnaire (ACE).
  • Current Lifestyle questionnaire (ACE).
  • Setback Management tool.
  • Social Support questionnaire.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (questionnaire).
  • Systemic Coaching – Solution Focused Practice.
  • Goal Focused Coaching.
  • Activity Coaching Questionnaire.

Focus Areas

  • Activity Coaching / Stress Coaching.
  • Diet Coaching / Weight loss.
  • Chronic disease coaching.

Health & Wellness Coaching Training - Athens Coaching Institute LLC

Start: 30/03/2019 Early bird: 28/02/2019.

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