Executive and Corporate Coach I Personal, Professional and Organisational Development Coach and Consultant
EMCC EIA Accredited Mentor and Coach
EMCC Global EIA and EQA Assessor and WorkGroup Member

Tamara is an enthusiastic professional with 15 years rich with diversity work experience in Project Management, Advocacy, Counselling, Education, Corporate Services, Coaching and Mentoring and in Organizational Development. Her experience spans from working with NGO’s, executing European and local projects, to the Private Sector, managing a portfolio of Clients, to leading an organizational development in an SME, volunteering and managing projects locally and globally with EMCC, to coach and mentor executives, individuals, groups, teams and organisations.

Tamara once obtained her BSc in Psychology from Middlesex University of London in 2007 and having an idealistic view she can change the world she started her career working over five years at the Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society sector.

She worked with Cyprus Family Planning Association and collaborated with organisations amongst other the local; Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS), Cyprus Women’s Lobby (CWL), Association for Prevention and Handling of Family Violence (ΣΠΑΒΟ), KISA (ΚΙΣΑ), bicommunal; Cyprus NGO Development Platform (CYINDEP), international; International Planned Parenthood Federation, EuroNGOs, DSW, European Women’s’ Lobby (EWL).

Tamara undertook the project management and coordination both at local and EU level, promoting SRH rights and gender equality, working with teams of volunteers, provided counselling and education services, lobbying, advocating and networking with key stakeholders including politicians, decision makers, media representatives and organisations on local, European and International level.

During the financial crisis that hit especially the NGOs world and in search for further personal and professional development in 2012 she studied MBA (HRM) at University of Nicosia and joined the corporate world at Morgan & Morgan Group obtaining five and half years of invaluable experience in the corporate sector.

She was managing the fiduciary and company administration services and in the last couple years supported with the restructuring of the company.

Throughout her career, coaching was an integral part of her dialogic interactions and work. Tamara pursued coaching more vigorously after 2014 obtained two diplomas in coaching; as a Professional Life Coach (International Coach Federation (ICF)) and as executive coach, the Diploma for Professional Coaches and Mentors (European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)) and has been awarded by the EMCC Global with the European Individual Accreditation (EIA).

In 2017 she joined the EMCC Cyprus and undertook the Research and Education Committee and in December 2018 she was elected as a Board Member for the period 2019-2020.

Meanwhile, in 2018 she founded the “Edengard” – An Empowerment and Personal Development Center to empower, facilitate change and transformation and assist individuals and organisations to reach their highest potential and fulfil their purpose. She created a series of workshop with the title ‘The Power of …’ and group coaching to empower Youth, Women and Non for-Profit Organisations.

In 2019 she developed and lead the ‘Accreditation Project’ in Cyprus, an initiative that has become a great success and ‘good practice’ for the global community and today she is an EMCC Global volunteer, member of EIA and European Quality Award (EQA) WorkGroups and EIA and EQA Assessor and an Accreditation ‘ambassador’.

Since 2019 she is collaborating with Joannides + Co, undertaking the organisational development, facilitating rebranding, restructuring, performance management at an individual, team and organisation level.

Tamara is an intuitive and empowerment coach, and her aspiration is transcendence for herself, for individuals, for leaders and organisations.

Linkedin: Tamara Georgiadou